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Fitness Spelling

ILF "Read and Run" program

We created a list of actions to go with each letter of the alphabet. You can use this as a warmup, cooperative or get-to-know-you activity. Find a partner and go to one of the the Fitness Spelling Sheets that are on the floor (good idea to laminate these), and together spell both first names of the people in the group. When finished, find another person, introduce yourselves and repeat the process.
Pick a name of something that is relevant to what you are teaching, for example: "HAMSTRINGS" and as a group spell it out together.
There a limitless ways on how to use this. If you come up with some neat ones, please add it to this list. (tayne)

Partner Fitness

Divide class into pairs (students with the same hair color, hair length, etc). Two exercise areas are set up. One partner is on the highway (outside the volleyball court), the other is in the ditch (inside the volleyball court). RPS to determine who goes where (winner can begin on the highway).
Assign exercises – Ditch exercise is usually a strength building exercise.

- Highway exercise is a locomotive exercise.
When the highway partner finishes their exercise, they move into the ditch, high five their partner and switch roles.
When both partners have done both exercises they sit down together in the ditch.
Round 1 – Highway exercise – Skipping (once around), Ditch exercise – Mountain climbers
Round 2 – Highway – Galloping (once around), Ditch – Ab killers or the plank
Round 3 – Highway – Side stepping (once),
Ditch – Seal walk or Front support hold
Round 4 -
Highway – Run (once), Ditch – back lying position and lift leg 6 inches off ground
BE creative and switch it up each class. (tayne)

TV Timeouts

Take home checklist for students. Once all of the activities are selected then they can return them to me. A special gym day will be provided for those that completed the tasks. (tayne)