(that relate to our curriculum outcomes)

Halloween Games


Guard the Ghost

Inside the volleyball court (red lines) are 8-10 pylons or pins. One student is responsible for guarding one ghost (pin). They may use their hands to catch or their feet/legs to block but no kicking. (key is to get low). If a defender touches the cone with their body, then they must leave the cone open for attack and retrieve a ball to become an attacker. Attackers may bowl any ball they find at any cone but they must bowl the ball while outside the red line. They may retrieve a ball within the red line but cannot throw it until they move back outside the red line. If they successfully hit a ghost, then they exchange places with the person who was guarding the pylon.
Emphasize that just because it’s a game, it does not mean that we lose our technique. Opposite foot, etc… Throwers must step with opposite foot to count as a successful throw.
X= ghost bowlers – may move anywhere outside the volleyball court to bowl the ball at a ghost.
Triangle = ghost (pylon, bowling pin) and someone guarding that pin. (sarah & tayne)