This is a scooter activity that my classes love and I really like it because it get students moving in a variety of ways. First, everyone has their own scooter and we have already done the safety talk on how to use scooters. This is a tag game, I choose 4 or 5 students to be the "its" and they each wear a pennie. Each "it" has a soft foam ball. The "its" tag other players by throwing the ball. If the ball hits the other player they are out and have to pick up their scooter and jog one lap around the outside perimeter of the gym and then gets back into the game. I change "its" often enough so that everyone has a chance to be the "it". Because the balls are foam I have never had an injury. Variation: if the other players catch the ball when it is thrown to them by the "it", then the "it" has to do 5 jumping jacks - have them do their jumping jacks on the outside perimeter of the gym (have fun! Calvin).