Hey everyone! I'm sure you got a lot of great ideas from the conference. Unfortunately, there was no way that we could be at every session to see all the great ideas. It would be great if you could please share your favorite one on this page. Whether it was a game, idea, activity or equipment that fascinated you, please share it. Browse through the list below and if your idea is already present, share another one.

Full Value Contract:

I really liked the idea that every Physical Education classes in the Miramichi district are using the FVC. In fact, all the Elementary PE classes share the exact same value contract. It's great that each student signs the FVC and takes ownership of the rules. Here is what they had for the Elementary grades.
Primary (Grades K-1) Be Kind, Be Gentle, Be Safe
Elementary (grades 3-5) Play Hard, Play Fair, Play Safe -

Once they are all signed, they posted them in the gym. To accompany the FVC they also used the "Thumbmometer" that can be used at any time to challenge someone breaking the rules. For example, If Johnny called Jimmy a 'loser'! Anyone could challenge that comment with a thumbs down and the rest of the class would vote. Basically, the students are policing the class. (tayne)

I was in a session with Arnold (the keynote speaker for the remember when conf.) and in his session it was about trust/responsibility. He lined up mats next to the wall of the gym and students were suppose to stand next to the wall and touch it. With each completed touch the student stands further away from the wall and tries to touch the wall. As this progresses, the student gets further and further away from the wall and you end up falling to the wall catching yourself with your hands. The goal is for the student to go only as far as they are comfortable and to be responsible enough to be safe and not go too far. This went from an individual activity to a group activity where students lined up against the wall with the mats still next to the wall. Students here formed a bridge and the first student would crawl, crab walk, crawl backwards,... along the wall and underneath the bridge of students. To make it more challenging the students leaning on the wall could change their angle, so they could see how low they could form the bridge, a great upper body workout. (calvin)