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Bridge Tag

A great gymnastic warm up!
When tagged, the students must form a forward bridge. To be freed, someone must crawl under the bridge. Taggers cannot tag the person crawling under the bridge. They must wait until they are standing up. Stop the game after 1 minute and change the tagger(s). This will work well in conjunction with the gymnastic theme.
Variations: Back and side bridges can be used as well.

Line Tag:

A game we have played for years!
Use the lines on the court as the roads that the students can travel on. Select 3+ taggers, depending on your numbers and have them well identified (wash mits, pool noodles, pinnies, etc...). All students must follow the lines on the gym. You may go forward or backward on the lines but you are not allowed to jump to another line. To move to another line, the player must continue walking until they come to an intersection with the another line and then they may follow that one. Taggers may reach out and tag other students who are not on their lines as long as the taggers remain on the line that they are travelling on. Once tagged, the player becomes a ROAD BLOCK. They must lay across the line that they were tagged on and perform an exercise (push ups, sit ups) for a designated amount. No one, not even the taggers can move over a ROAD BLOCK. They must turn around and go in another direction. Switch taggers every minute. Pool noodles are fun as the taggers can easily reach onto another road without leaving their own to tag someone.

Apple Tag :

(an ILF "Read and Run" Activity. We came up with this during the Munch and Move week)
The farmers (who have the apple balls) are chasing the crows out of their apple orchard. When a crow is tagged by a farmer, they must go to the spelling zone (marked out by cones) and then use their body to spell the word “Apple”. Have the entire class spell it out together before the game begins. Once they spell the word, then they are free to join in the game again. Because there is a designated spelling zone, students may lay on the ground to make a shape of a letter. Any crow that flies into the spelling zone without being tag, must also spell “apple” before leaving.
Make a poster or use a white board and spell “Apple” and place it in the spelling zone.

Remind the younger and also the older students of our rule in the gym with movement activities:
“Watch where you are going and not where you have been, when you are traveling in the gym”.


(online game)
Each student receives a bean bag of one colour. Choose about six students to be "it". Usually make up the "it" people have poisonous bean bags which are a different colour than others. Students run all over the gym and the poisonous "it" people try to hit the other people with their bean bag. "But wait " I tell the students I forgot to tell you you can only hit their feet. So students can jump or move to avoid being hit, Once hit by a poisonous bean bag they must exchange their bean bags and now that person is "it" Kids have lots of fun with this and very tired. Every few minutes stop students and see who is "it" now. Great to add to the "bowling lesson". Make sure that all the students are capable of controlling the bean bag so that the bean bag stays on the ground before attempting this game.


“How about "CLEAN YOUR ROOM!" - found this game on the internet - haven't tried it yet!
I collect old socks - wash them of course!- and tie a knot in them. These are the dirty clothes. One half of the class against the other! Outside I do this in a dodgeball circle with the socks in the middle. Those on the inside throw them out of the circle and the students on the outside try to throw them back in. Those with the least number of socks after the whistle blows win!
Inside it's sock war! Each side gets the same amount of socks- a line or rope down the center indicates "sides". same principle as clean your room.
They must throw only one sock at a time.
If they throw a sock after the whistle blows the penalty is 4 additional socks back on their side.( keeps those last minute throwers from loading up!)
My kinders love this game!
For older students it becomes a sock war. If they get hit with a sock then they have to lie down. Each side chooses two secret medics who can touch the "wounded" student and they can stand up again. Those who pay attention can figure out who the medic is and hit them with socks first. I did this with 5th graders on the football field. They really got good at finding out who the medics were and creating strategies for getting all of their socks to the other side.


found this game on the internet - haven't tried it yet!
Following a warm-up, introduce dodging skills with this fun lesson!!
Demonstrate how to dodge using the following skills: Change speed, change your level (duck or jump!) change direction (use zig zag pattern while running for example) or use a fake (pretend to go one way or level, and quickly change!) Teacher demonstrates each type of dodge technique and tells students that this it what should be demonstrated during the space invaders game!
SPACE INVADERS GAME: Divide the class into two teams, with one team standing on the end line and the other team is spread out inside the playing area (fairly small) with each member standing on a star shaped poly spot. (available in pe equipment catalogs, or laminate paper stars!). The team on the end line are the "space travelers" first, and their objective is to run across the "galaxy" to the opposite endline without getting tagged by an "alien" standing on a star! Aliens must have one foot on their star at all times during the game, and cannot move their star. They can only reach out and try to tag a runner (space travelers) as they try to get across. Try to set up the game so the stars are fairly close together to make it more of a challenge for the runners to get across and demonstrate dodging techniques. Space travelers can run back across whenever they are ready and aliens need to be aware of runners coming from both ends!!
If tagged.. the space travelers must put their hands on their head, and wait until a fellow space traveler tags them on their way across. When tagged by a teammate the frozen traveler is back in the game!
Switch aliens and space travelers every 5-10 minutes!!
Review dodging skills during class closure. Discuss team sport/game application of these skills. Pinpoint students who are demonstrating specific dodging techniques during class.


(online game)
Divide class into 4 groups by suits of cards: Spades, Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts,
Put cards all over the gym face down.
Object is to have one student in each line go one at a time like a relay race, pick one card and look at it if it is the right suit for your team take it back to your team. The team that collects the 13 cards for each suit first and puts them in sequence 1-king is the winner. i let them then place the cards wherever they want and choose which suit the want to be for the next game. It is very fun and the students love it!

Dead Bug Tag:

I think we picked this up from Garth, years ago!
When the tagger tags someone, they become a dead bug. A dead bug lies on their back and kicks their feet and wiggles their arms. To free a dead bug, someone who is free must help the dead bug up by grabbing both of their hands. Switch the taggers every 1-2 minutes. Increase or decrease the number of taggers according to your space and numbers.

Alphabet Drawing Tag: -

part of the ILF, "Read and Run" program
Set up a normal game of tag. For example; frozen tag. When the students are tagged they create a narrow shape with the lower body and a wide shape with the upper body (a ‘T’ shape). To free someone who is tagged, run behind them and take one finger and lightly draw a ‘letter’ on their back, firm enough for them to feel the drawing but not so hard that they are forcing the frozen person forward. The frozen person then attempts to guess what ‘letter’ they have drawn on their back. If guessed correctly, then they are free and can resume running around. If they guess incorrectly, the drawer can either draw the same letter again or choose a different or easier letter for them to guess.
The taggers cannot tag a person who is drawing on a person’s back

Alphabet Tag:

part of the ILF, "Read and Run" program
When a person is tagged by the tagger, they must create a letter of the alphabet while standing on their feet. Laying down is too dangerous as they may be stepped on or someone will trip over them. To free someone from their frozen alphabet letter, someone must run up to them and face the frozen letter and guess which letter they are. If correct, the frozen letter becomes unfrozen. If incorrect, they must guess again until they are correct.
The taggers cannot tag a person who is standing in front of a frozen letter and is trying to free the frozen letter.

4 Square frozen tag:

from "Playground Games"
Play In a four square or any outlined boundary area. One person is the tagger, the other three to four are the ones being chased. Start so that the tagger is in the middle and the four other students are on the outside corners of the 4 Square ( like the set up for "Switch"). The tagger says "go" to start the game. He/she will attempt to tag all of the free players. Once tagged, the player must stand with their hands up in a frozen position. If a player steps out of bounds, they must step back in and become frozen as if being tagged. To free a player, simply high five one or both of their raised hands. When the last person is tagged, they become the tagger and the players would go back to their starting positions. Place a time limit of :45 seconds - 1:00 so that the same person isn't always the tagger.

Everyone’s It Tag

Focus: Underhand Throw, Dodging. All ages!
Organization: Define / mark playing area with pylons or lines on court floor. Equipment needed: 1 yarn ball / student

  • Everyone starts with 1 yarn ball,
  • You can only tag others by using the proper technique of the underhand throw (as previously taught),
  • Tagging only the shoulders or below,
  • If you are tagged with a yarn ball – you must discard any yarn balls that you have and kneel on the floor,
  • You can come back in the game if you are able to reach a yarn ball without leaving your spot. Others are allowed to help you (toss you a yarn ball) but you can not move across the floor to get it,
  • If you have a ball you are back in the game – continue above.
  • * Please note that each person can only have one yarn ball at a time.
Variations: You could use sock balls, bean balls, small foam balls.

"Run Turkey Run" Tag

Have 4 mats spaced evenly throughout gym. Designate student(s) to be IT - "wolves". The mats are the safe spots for the Turkeys (homebase), Wolves are not allowed on the mats. When you call out "Run Turkey Run" they must leave their home base and go to another Mat without getting tagged. If tagged - they join the Wolf team, the wolves meet in the centre and are have a pinnie or scarf to show who is IT. This game continues until all the Turkeys are tagged or give a time limit.

Wizards & Goblins Tag (name can be changed to match seasons, age, and gender,)

Wizards have a "Magic Wand" (a ribbon wand from the gymnastic kit) Goblins have a tagging ball (any small foam ball - the apples make great taggers)
The Goblins are IT - they are chasing and tagging students with the ball - once tagged, the students turn into a stone statue until the Wizard wave their magic wand over the student to free them. Wizards can not be turned into a statue. This game can continue for as long as you need. Change wizards/goblins often.